RELUX ELECTRIC Revolution is Here.

Accelerating India’s Electric Vehicle adoption by reducing the barriers of EV Charging providing Elite and Easy solutions for all.


Shopping Malls, Parking Places, IT Firms and Apartments


Intelligent, flexible charging solutions to meet all your fleet needs.

EV Users

We make it easy to charge here, there and everywhere.

India's Best Service Provider

Experience Elite home, Public & Commercial charging solutions with RELUX Charging Chains.

Our Electric Vehicle Charging stations include Bharat AC01 Charger, Bharat DC01 Charger,Type 2 and DC Fast Charging Station CCS/CHAdeMO & GB/T Standard based with integrated cloud base charger management CMS system & mobile application.

We do it all

Relux Electric will take care of all our Audit and EB Payments with all due of Govt. subsidy also we provide monthly Stipend for our Charging Stations.


We are only Company in INDIA with BUY Back Option when you replace the old version and upgrade into new, which saves your investment. We are not a Seller or Middle Man. We are 100% Perfect Service Provider for Customers.

Enjoy 3 Months of Free Charging

By joining RELUX APP, enroll your vehicle and Get free charging across anywhere in RELUX CHARGING CHAINS in INDIA. Why wait, Register your EV soon with RELUX.

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