EV Charging Station - Cuddalore Outlet Launch (15th Sep 2020)

Mr. Arunai Sundar, Social Media Influencer and E wheeler Channel honored the function and unveiling our 15kW Bharath Charger.
Also Our Authorized Distributor for Cuddalore Mr. Syed and Our Technical Partner Mr. Natarajan hosted the function in the presence of our
Managing Director Mr. Karthikeyan.  

Charging Stations

Home/Office Charging Setup: (2W,3W,4W)

AC001, 3X3 Wall Mount, AC Mini 3.3kW

Suits for Slow/Long Charging Points

Mid Sized Charging Setup:(3W, 4W)

GB/T Bharat DC001, CCS/ AC Type-2

Suits for PitsStops, Hotels, Highway Points

Full Sized Charging SetUp: (4W/ Buses)

Bharat DC001, 25-50kW CCS/CHAdeMO

Suits for Highways, City Points

Ultra Fast Charging Setup: (Cars/Buses/Trucks)

25kW – 120 kW (CCS/CHAdeMO)

240kW – 320kW (CCS/CHAdeMO) AC Cooled Systems.