Types of Charging Stations

Home/Office Charging Setup: (2W,3W,4W)

AC001, 3*3 Wall Mount, AC Mini 3.3kW

Suits for Slow/Long Charging Points

Mid Sized Charging Setup:(3W, 4W)

GB/T Bharat DC001, CCS/ AC Type-2

Suits for PitsStops, Hotels, Highway Points

Full Sized Charging SetUp: (4W/ Buses)

Bharat DC001, 25-50kW CCS/CHAdeMO

Suits for Highways, City Points

Ultra Fast Charging Setup: (Cars/Buses/Trucks)

25kW – 120 kW (CCS/CHAdeMO)

240kW – 320kW (CCS/CHAdeMO) AC Cooled Systems.

All Systems as Works with AC Current as we are having AC to DC Convertor inside all our Chargers.

All Chargers remotely Monitored for safety with GPS 

All Machines are purely Tested and Make in INDIA.

Battery Swapping Stations

  • We are providing our Battery Swapping Stations for 2W and 3W across INDIA.
  • We support Manufacturers with our unique concept which helps them to boost sales also helps EV users to use just 5 mins to swap and drive for a long time.

Business Models

Charging stations:

  • All the charging outlets are considered to be Charging stations
  • Eligible to Resale Domestic Usage Chargers
  • Visible in App.
  • Free Payment Link to your Account.

Priority Outlet:

  • One priority outlet for every District.
  • Royalty from District’s Clients Income.
  • Eligible to Rent or Lease our Machines to Private Places.
  • Eligible to Place Charging Points anywhere in the District. 

Channel Partner:

  • One Channel Partner for each State.
  • Royalty from the whole State’s Income.
  • One Point Contact for State Operations.
  • Participate in Tenders.
  • Collaborative Office Space of RELUX in your State.
  • Eligible to Re-Sale our Chargers.
  • Eligible to Direct Contact and Business anywhere in the whole State.
  • Eligible to Rent & Lease our Chargers.